• A Glimpse of the presentation style of Parallel Studios' wedding DVD's

  • Don't forget, you can have your Wedding Day in full High Definition with BluRay!
  • Each Wedding in unique, so each Wedding video is unique.
  • We offer a variety of packages to suit all price points.

  • This is the trailer for our 2008 Long Marston Souvenir DVD. We offer excellent ideas and marketing opportunities by creating exclusive DVD's for your customers to take away and view in the comfort of their own home.

  • This is the trailer for the 2009 Long Marston Souvenir DVD. Like the 2008 DVD, this exclusive souvenir contains several sections including a unique documentary charting the history of the Long Marston site. It also has classified ads, exclusive video and even a train spotter game!

  • We also cover live events, such as this Keyboard Concert. This is an upbeat James Last style medley performed live.
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