Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Should we have a wedding video produced?

Everybody considers professional photographs to be an essential part of a wedding service to supply a great record of the day for yourself and others to enjoy in the future. Professional video offers something different to photographs - captured "in the moment" as it were, you can literally relive and even see things that you missed on the day! You can't hang it on the wall but it will always bring back the memories of your day flooding back in a way that a photo will never be able to do.



  • Will there be more than one cameraman?

We can offer two cameramen to most venues, this can be arranged and confirmed if a choice of only one cameraman is made.



  • Will you get in the way?

We are not invisible but we are as discreet as possible, whilst still being able to capture the best shots. We capture people acting naturally and tend to only record them when they are not aware of me.



  •  Can we arrange a meeting with you?

We would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your wedding video. We have tried to include as much as possible on our web site to give you confidence in our service but we understand it’s also very nice to meet and talk with the videographer you are considering.



  •  Can I have multiple copies of the DVDs / Blurays?

We can produce as many copies of either DVD / Bluray’s of your big day as you require.


  •  Can we request a sample DVD?

We are very proud of the finished DVD's / Blurays and would love you to see one for yourself. We can post sample DVD's or we can bring you one if we arrange a meeting.



  •  Will location an issue to film a wedding?

We are able to make most locations in mainland UK, its best to discuss your ideas with us and we can come to some arrangement.



  •  Why use a professional videographer?

It takes many years of experience and passion for video production to be able to constantly produce beautifully shot and crafted videos. We only use the latest professional equipment which when used properly delivers breathtaking high quality picture and sound quality. Knowing where to be placed and always being there to capture the important moments is another key aspect of having a professional videographer.